Learning About Portable Media Players

Remember when you could listen to your music on a Walkman or a portable CD player?† Times have changed a lot since then and nowadays we have all kinds of portable media players we can use.† They are definitely a big step up from the portable music players of old as well.

But how much do you really know about them?

What exactly is a portable media player anyway?

The basic answer is in the name of the item itself.† For example we are really talking about an item that is portable and easy to carry around, perhaps in your pocket.† And this item can just as easily play various types of media for your entertainment, no matter where you happen to be.† You can wear headphones so as not to disturb the people around you.

The biggest thing to remember about portable players of this kind is that they are not usually limited to playing one type of media.† For example they can give you a way to show other people your digital photo collection.† You can also watch videos on them and listen to audio recording as well.† So they are a very versatile piece of kit to have.

How many different types and models are there?

This is a difficult one to answer, because the answer is changing all the time!† Lots of different companies are coming up with newer models and the hope is that the market in the UK will really take off.

At present a lot of people are making do with their MP3 players and their smart phones.† But once the market in portable media players starts to hot up and the prices reduce somewhat, we can expect them to be sold on a wider basis.

Do they have on board storage or can you add more?

The answer is yes in both cases.† Most media players have a certain amount of storage built in, and this is usually measured in mega bytes or giga bytes, depending on the size of the storage.

If you are thinking of buying one of these items however, you should see whether you can add additional storage to it.† For instance it might have a slot into which you can insert a memory card.† This gives you greater capabilities, even if you donít think you will need it to begin with.

This just goes to show how important it is to make sure you take a good look at the specifications for any portable media player you are thinking of buying.† Ask yourself what you will primarily use it for and get a rough idea of how much storage you will want as a result.† Always get more than you think you will need too, so you can grow into it if need be.

You might be surprised at just how versatile one of these players can be.

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