Archos Portable Media Players

Archos is a company that produces all kinds of different portable media players.  They are French in origin and have been around since 1988.

The main thrust of all their products is the need to be able to use certain items on the move.  For example they have also released PDAs and portable video players among other items.

What kinds of models have they released?

With regard to portable media players the current line from Archos is called the Gen 5 line.

There are five main options in this line, with the Archos 105 being the most basic and the Archos 705 WiFi at the most expensive and advanced end of the range.  Another model also has GPS built in.

One notable thing about the range is that the screen size improves as you go up the range.  The smallest one has a 1.8 inch screen and is referred to as a mini multimedia player by the company itself.  It comes in a variety of different colours and has plenty of built in storage for all your photos and videos.

The most advanced player in the range, the 705 WiFi, has a significantly larger screen.  This one is an impressive 7 inches in size, making it easier and more pleasant to view all those videos you will have stored on it.

You can also stream content to the player, which increases its versatility and gives you plenty more options on how to use it.  As you can see, there is a portable media player for everyone in this range.

What kind of reviews have they received?

Many people seem to be impressed with the range of portable media players that Archos is coming out with.  Many of their items have received the thumbs up for the amount of storage space they come with.  Obviously the size of the hard drive will vary depending on the product and on how much you are willing to spend on it.

Obviously there have been some reviews where people have been disappointed with their players from this company.  But on the whole everyone has been impressed with the quality and the range of benefits and features offered by each one.

As you would expect there is more to praise with the more advanced players that cost more money.  But then you are getting more for your cash and this makes it more appealing.  Most people seem to think that it is worth spending more if you can afford to, as you will get a larger screen along with other capabilities and usually a larger memory too.

In short it is very important to evaluate the different portable media players in the range offered by Archos.  And with new models being released regularly it might even be worth looking out for the next newest one before you buy.

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