Cowon Portable Media Players

Portable media players are typically a key area of the market for manufacturers to focus on.  Hence not all manufacturers focus on releasing items in this range.

This means that the top names in the field are not necessarily the best known household names.  But don’t let that put you off.  In the case of Cowon there are plenty of reasons why you should consider buying one of their portable media players.

What kinds of models have they released?

This Korean company specialises in media hardware and software, so it should not come as a surprise that they have a good range of media players for using on the move.

For example they currently have three separate models in this range – the V5, the O2PMP and the A3.  You can even have a look at them on their website, and as you will see the main feature of them all is the size of the screen.

The screen size is between 4 inches and 4.8 inches, depending on the model you get.  In addition to this each model gives over much of the design to the screen, without the need for lots of unnecessary buttons on the item.  The V5 in particular is something of a workhorse in its class, offering a huge range of features and benefits you can enjoy as you use it.  There are simply more and more ways you can enjoy the V5 from Cowon once you’ve unpacked it from its box.

It may seem at first as if the company has a very small range of portable media players to offer.  But when you look closer you will realise that everything you could ever need in one of these players is tucked into one of the designs.

What kind of reviews have they received?

There are plenty of different websites online that contain reviews of one of the Cowon media players.  These are ideal to read if you are considering buying one and you’d like to find out more about the item first.

The general consensus seems to be very positive for these items.  Obviously different people have different opinions on which media player is the best, but the multiple features tend to get the thumbs up.  One reviewer gave one model a poor showing for the earbuds that come with it, but this could be resolved if need be by purchasing better ones.

The V5 in particular seems to be well loved by many people.  Obviously if you are considering buying a portable media player from Cowon yourself, you should evaluate all the options first.  Which one will your budget stretch to and will it provide you with all the features and functions you want?

Cowon have developed some outstanding models for the market.  Perhaps the latest one will be the exact one you want.

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