Creative Portable Media Players

Creative Technology Ė with a name like that you would expect good things from the company that has come up with some notable releases in the portable media player market.

The name of their media players is actually Zen, so they often get referred to as Creative Zen instead of just Creative.† However with that said you should definitely consider both names as they are really one and the same.† Itís just that some people list them under one or the other.

But is it worth seriously considering adding a Creative media player to your must have list of things to buy?† Or would you be better going elsewhere?

What kinds of models have they released?

One of the latest models you will see is called the Creative Zen X-Fi model.† The price for this might surprise you as it has been listed in many places for less than £100.† However the X-Fi2 model has been listed at around £150 so you can see this model is the superior one of the two.† A lot will depend on the size of memory you get with it though, so donít just look at the price look at the capability as well.† This will help you make your decision.

This model also benefits from having touch screen technology, which seems to be the latest must have feature on any kind of player of this type.† This is one thing you will notice when you compare the X-Fi2 to the previous players released by Creative.† They always improve on many of the features that made the previous players popular.†

In short if you are looking for a good quality player at a reasonable price that is packed with lots of different features, it could well be that Creative has created just what you are looking for.

What kind of reviews have they received?

The reviews on these players by Creative have brought up some interesting points to note.† Some people are extremely impressed by them but others dislike the fact that micro SD cards are used instead of standard ones.† This should not be a big problem however provided you are prepared for the difference before you buy them.

On the whole though, most people are very impressed with the players made by Creative.† Some of the reviews online are clearly written by experts in the field as well, and when these are very positive in nature you know you have a good bit of information to go on.

As with all media players it does pay to read the reviews before you make your final decision on which one to buy.† Creative is one of the key names in the business and the more you know about them and their creations the more confident you will be in actually going out and buying one.

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