Thanks to great advances in recent technology, we can now pause, rewind and record live TV. So if you’re out or maybe you miss something important, now you can always stay up to date with your favourite soaps, sports and movies. Most Cable, digital and Satellite television providers now offer customers the option to have these added features.

Television technology has made many great advancement in recent years, from High definition and 3D viewing to allowing customers to pause, rewind and record their favourite shows at the click of a button. Most television providers now offer their customers the option to add one of these high technology boxes to their television package.

If you really love to watch scientific and informational documentries and shows on TV then Sky Knowledge Pack is desingned specially for you. With Sky Knowledge Pack you can choose channels like discovery, national geographic and many more to get valuable information about world.

Not only is Sky an Unbelievable channels provider but it also has some of the best record and rewind capabilities thanks to the Sky+ Box. With a Sky+ box customers can record and pause and rewind their favourite channels and movies. You can even record a whole series at the touch of a button and watch television at a time that suits you best. You can record up to 185 hours of standard television on your Sky+ Box. You can even upgrade to a Sky+HD box or a Sky+3D box for those who like the extra excitement and depth to their TV viewing. Sky customers can even activate their Sky+ box using their laptop, device or mobile phone whilst on the go! With the Sky+ app you can remotely record your favourite shows so you never miss a thing.

Virgin also offers customers a great TV programme recorder, with the service from TiVo customers can find great programmes, discover a whole host of channels and record them from anywhere in the world. You can of course pause and rewind live TV and watch what you want, when you want. You can benefit from a 1TB box that allows you to store a massive 500 hours of TV or 100 hours of HD TV. The 500 GB also lets you record 250 hours of standard TV, so you never have to miss a thing. You can get all of these great services from just £9.50 a month including a free activation to your new TiVo box which is worth £49.50!

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BT vision also offers great digital television options. The BT Vision+ digital box is a Freeview and can record digital TV all at once. It lets you record 80 hours of live TV and you can even record a whole series at the touch of a button. Its different from most Freeview boxes as you can also pause; rewind and record live TV so you never miss out. Get BT Vision along with Broadband and a home phone line for extra added value.

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