Zen Vision Portable Media Players

With a name like Zen Vision you would expect this company to have a wonderful vision of the kind of portable media player that people really want.

And you wouldn’t be wrong either.  Zen Vision is the name given to a range of media players that really do well in convincing you to buy them.  But why should you consider one of these players when there are so many others on the market as well?

What kinds of models have they released?

The main two are the Zen Vision and the Zen Vision W.  As you might expect the W has been added to tell us that the newer player is a widescreen one.  This alone gives greater capabilities and greater playing pleasure when using it.

The screen does indeed do a grand job of rendering anything you want to play on it.  There are plenty of colours and the end result is nothing short of impressive.

The actual product itself looks and feels good as well.  Some people always look for a more sturdy appearance than some media players on the market will provide you with.  The Zen Vision models certainly live up to this part of the deal, offering a good strong model with a large screen that doesn’t feel flimsy or fragile in any way.  And with a widescreen model now on the market you can definitely see the advantage of buying this model over the other one.

What kind of reviews have they received?

As far as the quality of the screen is concerned, the portable media players in this range have received nothing but excellent reviews.  The picture is one of the key elements in any portable media player, because you always want to see the best quality playback of whatever you are watching.  In this case the Zen Vision players do not disappoint.

While it is true that other items such as the iPod are far better known, they do not have quite the same offering as a dedicated portable media player like the Zen Vision.  To this end those people who want a proper player like this have given it very good reviews.  They tend to like the design in a physical sense just as much as a practical one.

The quality of the picture is returned to again and again when it comes to the Zen models.  The number of colours that can be rendered by the screen make the picture nothing short of outstanding.  This means you can look forward to watching whatever you want to on the player without feeling like you are missing out in any way.

Clearly this company knows how to produce a portable media player that really does the job well.  If you are considering buying a player like this, you should definitely consider this brand carefully.

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